Fifteen Months

Lev is now 15 months old! There are not many specific updates or milestones to note for the past month. In general, he has been consistently eating large quantities of food and improving his mobility. He hasn't been weighed or measured lately, but he has likely grown significantly in the last few weeks.

October 13 : Lev began walking casually; he no longer needed to put significant amount of effort into walking. Walking became his preferred method of transportation. He was able to walk backwards and sideways in addition to walking forward.

October  15: Lev ran for the first time in the hallway. He stopped himself without losing his balance.

He also became much better at climbing during the past month.

October 28th: Lev brushed his teeth for the first time with his own toothbrush.We didn't teach him or even encourage him to do this; he just likes to imitate what his parents do. (Note: he has 8 teeth)

His vocabulary continues to grow. He understands more words and he has pronounced a few more words clearly, but he seems to prefer non-verbal communication. Even though he can pronounce words properly, he usually shortens things. For example, he can say "peanut butter" clearly, but he usually says "the butta" and instead of saying "bath tub," he says "batub."







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