Sixteen Months

Lev is 16 months old! He has two new teeth (the lower "first molars"). He runs frequently and his vocabulary continues to grow rapidly, although he still does not pronounce words clearly most of the time. His thought processes seem to have matured greatly. This is difficult to quantify or explain, but I get the impression that he has a much better understanding of language than he did last month. His head size is in the 99th percentile for his age and body size. It seems that his brain is developing extremely rapidly and taking advantage of its large volume.

During the past month, he was exposed to Melissa's piano / keyboard. He likes to get on the chair and play with the keyboard. He immediately figured out how to switch among piano, organ, and harpsichord and he does so frequently.

I can't think of any major milestones that have happened recently, although he's working toward learning to use the potty. He knows that "pee pee" is associated with the potty and he has a vague understanding of how toilet paper is used. His obsession with unrolling the toilet paper has decreased significantly, but he's not completely disinterested yet. He is also becoming more cooperative. For instance, he let me cut his fingernails without a fight; I just talked to him and explained what I was doing and he let me do it. He's also becoming a bit more cooperative during diaper changes.

Possibly a coincidence:

We recently bought a TV. Lev has laughed at some jokes on the TV that Melissa and I did not laugh at. He wasn't prompted to laugh by a laugh track or laughing audience, either. It could be a coincidence or he may be picking up on the tone of the speaker's voice or the rhythm of their speech. He hasn't had enough life experience to find these particular jokes amusing.


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