Seventeen Months

Lev is now 17 months old!

The most significant development during the past month involved his vocabulary growth. He now says many more words, rather than just understanding a lot of words. His favorite words at the moment are "wow," "eww," and "alcohol." He says "woooow" when he sees colored lights, like the lights on a Christmas tree or electronic candles. He says "eww" when he sees something small on the floor, like a crumb. He began saying "alcohol" a few days ago and now he randomly chants the word for some reason. I think that it is his first three-syllable word.  There's a bottle of rubbing alcohol on the counter in one of the bathrooms and I told him that "this is rubbing alcohol...or isopropyl alcohol...or isopropanol." He hasn't even heard the word very often, but it caught his attention somehow.

He frequently says "haughtay, " which means "hot," "colday," which means "cold" and he uses "up up" and "uppa," which means "up." And of course "no" and "nono." Other new words that he says pretty frequently include: water, wall, book, more, door, apple, outlet, and elbow. He can say the names of a lot of body parts now, which is cool (e.g, ear, nose, knee, and eye).

He likes to poke people and say "beep."

He also asked "why?" for the first time, recently. Melissa said that she had to leave (because she was going to get a massage) and Lev asked her why.

Lev was mildly sick for the second time in his life, starting on either Christmas or the day after. It wasn't nearly as bad as last Christmas, though. He had nasal congestion and a low fever (99.9 F). Other than that, things have been the same as usual. He's about to start having problems with his upper first molars, though; they will probably begin erupting in the next month or two.

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