Eighteen Months

Lev is 18 months old! Wow. During the past month, his spoken vocabulary has increased enormously. He says a few new words every day, often without being prompted. For example, earlier today, he said "bird" when he saw a bird flying over the car. He also attempts most words if we ask him to say something.

Lev likes to sing. He sings along with the songs that his toys play and with YouTube videos. His favorite song right now is Lola, by The Kinks. Other favorites include The Fox (What does the fox say?), and Mr Toot By Ylvis, and Let It Go, from the Disney movie Frozen. He sings along with all four of these.

He has also begun climbing much better and he knows how to use boxes, chairs, and other items as step stools. He can climb into a dining room chair without help! He can also push a chair across the floor. He likes to climb up to reach light switches, so that he can turn the light on and off. He can also use a dining room chair to get on top of the kitchen counter so that he can play with the microwave oven buttons. In short, he has to be watched VERY CLOSELY!

Lev has used his potty to pee a few times, so the potty training has begun!

He knows what it means to put something back where he found it. This usually means putting something back in a drawer.

He says "thank you" at appropriate times.

The other major advancement this month involved his building / engineering skills. Lev can build towers taller than himself. When he could no longer reach the top of one of his towers, he removed the top half and added blocks to the middle before putting the top back on.

Misc notes:

Lev likes to sit in my office chair while someone spins it around. This is one of his favorite things at the moment.

His upper-left first molar will erupt soon.








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