An Eventful Week

This has been a rather eventful week:

On Monday, Lev followed a three-step command for the first time, which is a pretty big deal. On the other hand, the three steps were related: "put the celery in the drawer, close the drawer, and close the refigerator door." So it's less exciting than following three completely unrelated commands.

On Tuesday, the first draft of a paper about my project, StratOS, was announced on the preprint website. I also announced the project on the Apache Mesos-users mailing list. Several people expressed interest in the project. The paper is here:

The BitBucket page for the project is here:


On Wednesday, I received an e-mail from someone who works at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Evidently some people at NCSA are interested in StratOS. They encouraged me to apply for a position that will be announced in the coming months. I probably won't be applying to NCSA, but the fact that they showed interest is quite encouraging, in terms of future job prospects!

On Thursday, my supervisor found out that he has enough funding to extend my position by two months, so that it will end at the beginning of June instead of March 31st. I will use that time to improve StratOS and colaborate with my supervisor on a new paper which includes an example of StratOS actually being used.

Also on Thursday, I was asked whether I wanted to teach a course during the first summer session. I said yes (but I haven't signed a contract yet). After the summer session, my supervisor may have more funding for my position. In any case, I should be in a better situation to find a more permanent job within the next few months.

Next week, the University will apparently have a press release on their website, regarding the StratOS project.

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